My name is Fuzhao Xue. I understand this name is a bit hard to pronounce in English. It sounds like Full-Draw Xue. Please also feel free to call me Frio if you prefer. I’m a PhD candidate of HPC-AI under the supervision of Prof. You Yang at National University of Singapore (NUS). I received my MEng degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with an outstanding academic performance (5.0/5.0) in 2021, supervised by Prof Chng Eng Siong & Prof Sun Aixin.

I also worked as a student researcher at Google Brain, with Yi Tay and Mostafa Dehghani. Please check my CV for further information.

I’m currently looking for the internship and visiting scholar oppoturnities. Please feel free to drop me email if you have any opening.


My current research mainly focus on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and High Performance Computing. One recent interest is designing algorithm and system to train large and efficient language models. In addition, I’m highly interested in many other related areas like Knowledge Graph, Computer Vision and Speech. I am always happy to chat with others about interesting research ideas, and looking for academic collaborations. Please drop me an email if you are interested in collaborating with me.

Specifically I am interested in the following research topics:
        ML: Adaptive Computation, Conditional Computation and Foundation Model.
        NLP: Language Modeling and Relation Extraction.
        HPC: Large-scale Deep Learning System.


[2021] NUS President’s Graduate Fellowship

[2018] 4th Place of China AI Futurelab Contest

[2017] 2nd Prize of 2017 National Robot and Artificial Intelligence Competition “Human-like Robot Dash Project”

[2016-2018] 6 times University First-Class Scholarship


[2022.11]. Got one paper accepted to AAAI 2023. Congratulations to Zangwei!

[2022.8]. Got one paper accepted to Artificial Intelligence Review. Congratulations to Jinjie!

[2022.7]. Glad to join Google Brain as a student researcher under the supervision of Yi Tay and Mostafa Dehghani!

[2022.5]. Passed the qualifying exam. Cong to myself:), and thanks for my supervisor and friends’ help!

[2022.3]. Got one paper accepted to CVPR 2022. Thanks to all my collaborators!

[2022.1]. Got two papers (one first-authored) accepted to ICASSP 2022. Congratulations to Andrew! Thanks to Prof. Sun, Hao Zhang, and Jinjie Ni!

[2021.12]. Got one first-authored paper accepted to AAAI 2022. Thanks to all my collaborators!

[2021.3]. Awarded by President’s Graduate Fellowship . Do appereciate the supervisors, friends and my parents.

[2021.3]. I will join HPC-AI @ NUS lab to start my Ph.D. degree under the supervision of Presidential Young Prof. You Yang!

[2020.12]. Got one first-authored paper accepted to AAAI 2021. Thanks to all my collaborators!

[2020.7] Start my MEng study at NTU, supervised by Prof Chng Eng Siong and Prof. Sun Aixin.

[2020.6]. Got one second-authored paper accepted to ICML 2020. Thanks to all my collaborators!

Professional services

Journal: TKDE (Reviewer)

Conference 2023: CVPR (Reviewer)

Conference 2022: EMNLP (Reviewer), SIGIR (PC Member), ICML (Reviewer)

Personal information

Personal Hobbies: basketball, swimming and fitness. I also enjoy watching movies and listening to music, although I’m a terrible singer. :) Another interesting thing is: I have the chance to be Newton’s eighteenth generation of students. The acadamic family tree is here. Looking forward to the day!